Vue.js + some basic javascript, html and css. live here:

A simple, but largely finished product.

If you’ve ever used GitHub, you’re likely to have used its text editor. Maybe you cooked up a simple gist, or perhaps you made a simple change to an existing commit — or maybe that’s how you write all your code.

What’s interesting about the editor, and for the matter…

Well, hello!

So I understand you’re looking to make a website? Well, great. It’s super easy, it’s just a sprinkle of HTML, CSS, and JS and you’re done!

Well sort of.. you must realise that these are really only the basic tools. And only scrubs code directly with vanilla CSS…

Why the building blocks of the web remain the core drivers of success in the modern web

The modern web is a daunting place for the novice. Gone are the days when good ole’ HTML, CSS and PHP would get you by. This is the era of progressive web applications, there’s a whole industry spawned called frontend engineering, security has become a thing, and browsers have become…


A deck of cards for a game had a lot of student’s scratching their head — even when the appropriate data structures had been drilled into them for the previous few weeks. The problem here was connecting the dots. There are many correct possible ideas here, and that in itself is intimidating for newcomers.

What does a deck need to do?

  • An abstracted deck should hold a number of cards.
  • It should be simple to add and remove cards from the deck
  • It can hold order, but doesn’t have to. That is; order isn’t guaranteed.
  • The size is going to be dynamic and often changing (HINT: Don’t use an array).

Possible implementations:

There are tradeoffs with all of the above.

I’ve been using Atlassian’s git repository software ‘BitBucket’ for quite some time but have only recently started experimenting with their pipelines feature, and it’s pretty damn impressive.

tl;dr Pipelines are not just novelty, they’re free*, and allow for some pretty cool functionality to do with your software’s build status. …

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