I’ve not been writing about as much stuff as I should be. So this is me re-beginning.

I used to write a lot.

I used to read a lot.

Now I do not much of either.

Well, I do read things, like I smash through 10’s of articles a day on all sorts of nonsense. But too often I find myself reading things and whatever depth is there, is immediately lost. It just washes over me and it’s done. It’s gone. Ask me what I read today and I probably could tell you some headlines, but whatever vague value beyond that I could give you would be limited. Which is prettty sad.

It didn’t used to be like that. I used to read proper things. I used to sit down and read many articles a week in *insert high brow magazine*. I’d read books too. *real books*. And I’d think about them. And I’d re-read them. These days I’m lucky to flick though a light paperback.

There’s too much in some respects. Too much to keep up with, too much to skim, to be distracted by, to learn. Too much to do. What it ends up being is a total mess in your mind of partially followed threads.

The thing is. I want to write… and I want to read. So why aren’t I doing these things?

This is me, trying to stop the rot from perpetuating. Beginning to write badly. So maybe I’ll write more. And read more. At least for a while.

I’m going to start simple. By talking about things I’ve been doing. And then maybe, who knows. We’ll see. Alright. Begin.

Write about all sorts of stuff. Dev. Sport. Life.

Write about all sorts of stuff. Dev. Sport. Life.