Making dem’ Maps

In late December I decided I wanted to try my hand at procedural map-generation. This is that story.

Code here:

One of dem Maps.

Version 1.0 — proof of concept

This was a very early draft of one of the first versions.

Version 1.1 — refining a broken concept

I never really got to properly rendering rivers after I got tired of creating a million rules and sub-rules for tile placement. It does look half-decent though in some ways.

Version 2.0 — re-thinking things

My first attempt at making a Voronoi diagram with a horrible algorithm.
See, even without tiling how much more natural this shape looks? Polygons.

Version 2.1 — refining concepts

Version 2.1 with rivers and lakes. Not sure about those colours.
With snow-capped alps. Regions and cities.
With ‘coastal areas in sand colours’.
With a stylised blurred background, and ‘stencilled mountains’.
After tiring of playing around.
Martin O’Leary’s very cool, very simple style.

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